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Name of the substance:2-(O-[1’-Methylpropylideneamino]carboxyamino)ethyl Methacrylate
Synonyms:2-propenoic acid, 2-methyl, 2-(((((1-methylpropylidene)amino)oxy)carbonyl)amino)ethyl ester
CAS No:78279-10-4

Chemical formula
Molecular weight:240 

Feature of KarenzMOI-BM®
○ Regenerate active isocyanates are dissociated from KarenzMOI-BM by thermo-treatment.
Reactivity of KarenzMOI-BM®
○ KarenzMOI-BM can copolymerize with various types of monomers.
○ KarenzMOI-BM has a blocked isocyanate-group,which gives good stablility even in the presence of active-hydrogen-containing compounds.
○ KarenzMOI-BM can be applied to one-component type polyurethane coathing systems, emulsions or aqueous polymer solution.

The reactivity of KarenzMOI-BM®
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Stability of blocked-NCO group

Applications of KarenzMOI-BM®
Adhesives(Thermosetting adhesives. Thermo-melting and-setting adhesives). Coating materials(Paints : One-component type polyurethane coatings, PCM coatings and powder coatings. Surface coating agents. Textile treatments. Paper coatings). Plastics etc.(Thermosetting plastics. Sealing chemicals)

Physical Properties


:Liquid at room temperature

・Flash point


・Appearance:Clear, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid
・APHA:Under 50
・Purity:Over 96%

Toxicological Information
・Skin Irritation :No Irritative
・Eye Irritation:Slightly Irritative
・Acute toxicity (oral):Rat (Male) LD50 700~800 mg/kg
・Subacute toxicity :NOEL 11.1 mg/kg/day ( 28 days, rat, oral)
・Mutagenicity (Ames test):Salmonella & E. coli : Negative

Ecological Information
■Environmental toxcity
・Toxicity to fish (Minnow)
・FreshwaterAlae Growth Inhibition

:LC50 3 ppm / 96hr
:Selenastrum capricornatum NbC50 127ppm

Ecological Information
Law and regulations applicable in Japan:
・Fire Service Law:Hazardous material, Group 4, Petroleum Category

When using the product outside Japan, it must be handled in accordance with applied laws and regulations in that country or territory